Watch: You’ll Laugh Hard At Little Girl’s Reaction To Holding Newborn Brother

Photo Credit: Epoch Asia(Facebook)

That’s what Jordan and Kristen Jeremias of Wilmington, North Carolina found out when they brought their newborn boy home to his older sister Ella. They captured the meeting on film because they expected a beautiful bonding moment between siblings — a sweet moment they could always remember and watch.
However, the little girl was not impressed.
Watch the adorable video below in FULL SCREEN.

The parents carefully placed the sleeping baby into Ella’s lap, but the toddler had no reaction. She just sat there with the blankest of blank stares.
Ella looks so cute with those plump cheeks but unfortunately, they didn’t curve into a smile. She didn’t make any eye contact with anyone around her. She just stared directly into the camera. Definitely, not impressed by the bundle of joy lying on her lap. She looks very innocent and did not even attempt to fake enthusiasm.
When her mother urges her to give baby Coleman a kiss, she merely glances down at her baby brother. Then she stares back at the camera without saying yes or no. She did not attempt to give the baby a kiss. She just stares at the camera.

Photo Credit: Epoch Asia(Facebook)

 Jordan shared the video on Facebook and captioned it with this: “Here is my toddler Ella reacting to us bringing home our baby boy Coleman from the hospital for her first encounter with her brother. Her shocking reaction is priceless.”

Her reaction is priceless indeed. Millions of people who watched the video can’t help but giggle at Ella’s grumpy reaction. As expected, the video has gone viral with nearly 32 million views to date.

You can’t help but wonder how Ella and Coleman gonna be like when they’re older.


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