6-Year-Old Girl Calls 911 to Report Missing Barbie Doll [Video]

  • A six-year-old Alabama girl called 911 to ask for help — her Barbie doll and her Baby Shark toy were missing.
  • Little Addie Cooper suspected “a bandit stole them.”
  • It turned out, Addie’s mom donated the toys to a thrift store.

When six-year-old Addie Cooper found out her Barbie doll and her Baby Shark toy were missing, she knew she needed help finding them. So she called 911.

The cute Alabama girl made the call to St. Clair County 911 emergency dispatch last month.

The audio of her call was later released.

“Hello, some of my toys are missing,” Addie began.

Surprised, the operator asked the little girl where her mother is at. Addie informed the operator that her mom was in the shower.

The 911 operator patiently asked for a rundown of the missing toys. “Do you know where they went?”

“I think a bandit stole them,” Addie guessed.

It turned out, the “bandit” is her mother, Liz Haynes. She explained that the toys hadn’t been stolen. They were donated to a thrift store in hopes of culling a few toys before Christmas.

Liz was getting ready to attend a Christmas party when Addie made her call. The 6-year-old handed her the phone to her surprised mom. Liz thought the phone was unable to make calls.

“I didn’t think anything about it,” Liz said. “This child has such a great imagination. When I realized what had happened, I turned white.”

Freddie Turrentine, administrator of operations for St. Clair County dispatch, said it’s not uncommon for 911 dispatchers to get calls from young kids. THis particular call went on a little longer as the operator wanted to ensure everything was well with the child.

Source: AL.Com

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