Abandoned Dog Rescued By A Couple Immediately Snuggles Her Rescuer

  • Kris Lenker and her wife saw a dog alone on the road when they were driving home and rescued her.
  • Knowing that she is saved, the scared dog then settled comfortably in the car and “just collapsed into a ball” on Kris’ lap. 
  • The dog, whom the couple named Reba, is now recovering and gaining back her weight and strength.

Last week, a couple was on their way home when they saw a small animal, that they first thought was a deer, on the road. 

Kris Lenker and her wife got closer and realized it was a small dog. Kris got out of the car but the nervous dog got away after he called her. Kris was already tempted to turn away but she still continued.

“I couldn’t see her anymore and we almost left,” Kris told The Dodo. “I just had a feeling, though.”

Kris finally found the scared dog hiding behind a fence. After petting her for some minutes, the pup started to relax.

“She wrapped her front paws around my neck and let me carry her back to the car,” Kris said. “She was absolutely terrified, but I could tell she trusted me … It just felt like we were brought together for a reason.”

As if she finally knew that she is saved, the pup then settled comfortably in the car. “I just pet her and told her I had her,” Kris said. “That is when she just collapsed into a ball in my lap. It’s like relief just hit her. She rode the rest of the way home in my lap like that.”

The dog, now named Reba, is recovering from her poor health condition. Soon she will be meeting her other dog siblings in the household.

Reba is the same sweet dog as she was first found. “Belly rubs are her favorite, and she doesn’t hesitate to ask for them!” Kris said. “She rolls on her back and paws at us until we give in.”

The poor pup who at first was too scared to get rescued now doesn’t like leaving her spot. She likes it better if her mom carries her outside and back for the potty training.

“I think she is still afraid she will be left out there,” Kris said.

Just after a few days, Reba is already gaining back her strength and somehow she has learned eventually what it is to have a family. “Her energy level is so much better and she is the biggest love bug,” Kris said. “All she wants to do is snuggle us and give us kisses. It’s her favorite thing to do.”

Kris knows it was meant to happen when they met Reba. Now the dog trusts them more than anyone else.


Source: The Dodo