Afghan Boy Lost His Leg To War, Dances With Joy After Receiving Prosthetic Leg

  • A 5-year-old Afghan boy who was a victim of war couldn’t contain his joy after receiving a new prosthetic leg.
  • Ahmad Rahman lost his right leg to a landmine when he was only eight months old, so when he was given an artificial one, he was so happy he had to dance.
  • In the adorable touching video, posted by the International Committee of Red Cross Afghanistan, Ahmad is seen dancing to traditional music with the biggest while the Kabul hospital nurses cheer him on in the background.

Ahmad Rahman became a victim of war before even turning one-year-old. At only 8 months old, he lost his right leg to a landmine.

A fight between Afghan government military and Taliban forces in Ahmad’s village forced residents to escape. Ahmad’s older sister Salima was carrying him when she stepped on a landmine. The boy lost his leg while Salima was seriously injured. She eventually recovered.
But the tragedy didn’t take away the 5-year-old boy’s enthusiasm because he’s all smiles. And when he received a brand-new prosthetic leg, he couldn’t help it but celebrate by dancing.

The International Committee of Red Cross Afghanistan gave the artificial leg for free so Ahmad’s family has never had to pay for it. Since the accident, the Rahmans have traveled to the ICRC Afghanistan Ortho Center in Kabul so Ahmad can be fitted with new prosthetic legs as he outgrows his old ones.

Photo Credit: AFP

When Ahmad started to dance with joy, his physiotherapist Mulkara Rahimi was able to record it.

Photo Credit: AFP

Viewers were brought to tears by the boy’s positive outlook in life, his happiness bursting at the simple pleasure of being able to dance. Ahmad is truly an example of resilience and positivity.

This is what all children his age should be doing — smiling, playing and having fun, safe from harm and any danger.


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