Bereaved Pet Owners Receive Thoughtful Surprise From Pet Food Company

  • Customers of the pet food company Chewy received thoughtful surprises from the company after losing their pets and asking for a refund.
  • The customers reported receiving a full refund, a note expressing condolences, flowers, and even an oil painting of their beloved pet.
  • Chewy truly takes their customer service to a new level by treating customers like family.

Pet supply delivery service company Chewy takes their customer service to a new level by treating customers and their pets like family.

One such customer is Sheree Flanagan of Dallas, Texas. In just a few days, she had lost both her dog of 10 years, Zoe, and cat of 15 years, Thor.

She felt she would never get over her grief, but she still needed to do a few tasks – such as canceling their automatically shipped pet food delivery.

When Sheree asked a customer service representative, Ashley, if she could return her unused pet food, she did not expect to speak to a compassionate listener who truly felt Sheree’s loss.

Sheree recounted, “Ashley was amazing. She told me she had a cat put down and she really understood. I kept saying that I didn’t mean to bother her and she kept saying ‘No, this is important. Tell me more.’”

Ashley refunded Sheree’s entire purchase and sent a lovely bouquet of flowers, along with a note expressing Chewy’s condolences.

Photo Credit: Sheree Flanagan

Sheree’s husband, Sgt. Corey Flanagan, wrote to Chewy, “Your team has either got it in their bloodline to be exceptionally kind and understanding, their leadership has done exceptionally well in guiding them or a combo of both. My wife has been taking their loss especially hard, and when we received the flowers we decided it was enough for us both to decide to stop shopping around and give Chewy all our future business.”

Several other bereaved pet owners have experienced Chewy’s kindness.

Sue and Bruce Stack of Edwardsburg, Michigan had informed Chewy about the dog food they no longer needed when they lost their six-year-old great Dane, Jake. Sue also received flowers and a note expressing condolences.

When Joseph Inabnet had to put down his dog Bailey, Chewy returned his money and informed him to donate the extra dog food. He also received a card and an oil painting of his beloved dog.

Photo Credit: Joseph Inabnet / Facebook

Kelli Durkin, the vice-president of Chewy’s customer service, explained that their company was founded in 2011 by pet lovers who wanted to provide personalized service.

Kelli declared, “We don’t feel we’re talking to customers. We are talking to pets’ parents. We want to hear the good and the bad. We are feeding their children. We are part of their families.”

The company not only extends their kindness to recently bereaved pet owners but also donates to no-kill animal shelters.

Chewy serves as an inspiration for companies to show some heart in the business world and think of their customers like family.


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