Brothers Quit Their Jobs To Launch A Nonprofit That Hands Out Blankets To Homeless People [Video]

  • Brothers Mike and Nick Fiorito quit their jobs in New York City and started a nonprofit organization after feeling unfulfilled.
  • They launched Blankets of Hope and have partnered with schools to have kids write inspiring and motivational notes with the blankets before sending them to people in need.
  • Currently, they have 150 school partners and their recent goal is to deliver 20,000 blankets to be handed out this winter.

Feeling unfulfilled with their lives, brothers Mike and Nick Fiorito decided to leave their jobs in New York City in 2016. That move is bold and scary, but they went on anyway and did it. Later on, they realized they want to help the homeless people they passed by often along the streets on their way to work. 

That is when they decided to launch Blankets of Hope, a nonprofit organization that turned global, encouraging kindness and involving kids from different schools. The schools they have partnered have children write inspiring and motivational messages handwritten with the blankets sent from all over the country.

Currently, they have 150 school partners in 32 states of the United States, Canada and Mexico. They have also delivered about 20,000 blankets with the handwritten messages in them.

The project’s partnership with schools started when Nick’s teacher in fifth grade asked how to get involved after learning of their cause. Soon after, the Fiorito brothers started workshops in schools teaching empathy and kindness. 

“They close their eyes and put themselves in the perspective of someone who’s homeless and they really exercise that empathy muscle,” Mike told a news outlet.

Photo Credit: KTVB

What they do is send blankets to schools free of charge and have the children handwrite inspiring notes before they get delivered to their local communities’ shelters for homeless people.

Not only students can get involved, but adults too. They launched a GoFundMe page where people can donate to raise the money used to buy the blankets which is $5.00 each. Since the organization is totally non-profit, 100% of the donation is non-taxable and goes directly to the procurement of the blankets.

Their recent goal is 20,000 blankets to be handed out this winter. This act of kindness does not only provide warmth to people in need but creates an interconnection of souls, which homeless people seldom get to experience.


Source: Good News Network