Bus Driver’s Last Passenger Of The Day Is A Lone Dog Who Wandered Away From Home

  • Bus driver Hicham Boujlal was on his way to his last stop when he saw a dog walking along in the dark roadside.
  • To get a better look at what had happened, he stopped the bus, let the pup in and brought him to safety at the bus depot.
  • He then called the local animal shelter to help look for the pup’s family and shortly after, the dog’s little adventure came to a happy end.

While Hicham Boujlal from Saramäki, Finland, was driving through his bus route one night, an unexpected passenger hopped in for a ride.

Hicham was approaching his last stop when he spotted a furry dog walking alone in the dark roadside. To better inspect the situation, Hicham stopped the bus and opened the door.

The lone pup must’ve thought this was a free-ride invitation so he went in—which surprised Hicham but he didn’t mind.

Photo Credit: Hicham Boujlal

“He comes inside, gently, and sat near me,” Hicham told The Dodo. “I was surprised.”

The bus was empty and there were a lot of available seats but the pup chose the seat nearest to the good-natured driver.

Since his furry passenger can’t speak to tell him where his destination should be, Hicham decided that himself.

They went back to the bus depot office and called for help from a local animal shelter. During their trip going there, Hicham realized the furry canine was a great companion for traveling.

Photo Credit: Hicham Boujlal

“He was a very good passenger,” Hicham said.

Once the word of his whereabouts reached his family, the pup’s little adventure came to a happy ending. As it turned out, he strolled away from home earlier that day. Good thing that the kindhearted bus driver found him and brought him to safety. Shortly after, he was back to his loving family who was worried about him.

Credits to the pup too who understood and trusted that the driver would care for him.

He is a very intelligent dog and very friendly,” Hicham said. “I’m very happy to have that chance to help him.”


Source: The Dodo