Couple With Down Syndrome Reunion Video Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

  • When Nick Doyle and Gabi Angelini met at the National Down Syndrome Society’s annual convention in Michigan, they fell in love instantaneously.
  • After the event, Gabi went home to North Carolina and Nick to Ohio, the lovebirds started their long-distance relationship.
  • Their moms arranged a reunion for the two that was captured in a sweet video.

Love at first does exist. Whether you agree or not.

Gabi Angelini, 21, from Raleigh, North Carolina, is a young entrepreneur with Down syndrome who employs other people with disabilities. She met Nick Doyle, 30, in Detroit, Michigan during the National Down Syndrome Society’s annual convention, which both of them attended.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Nick is a part of the world’s first improv troupe composed of people with Down syndrome. When the two met at the convention for the first time, they instantly clicked and were inseparable.

After the event, the lovebirds started their long-distance relationship.

Nick searched for Gabi and found her social media account. From then on, they began to exchange text messages, phone calls, and video chats. Lucky for them, they got to see each other again in another conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after a month.

Photo Credit: Facebook

“They spent every second together those three days but again, so sad at the end as there were no more conferences to bring them together,” Lisa told InspireMore.

Their next parting after the conference proved to be hard for Gabi. She broke down in tears to her mom, telling her she missed Nick very much. Seeing her daughter in pain was unbearable to Mary. So she decided to contact Lisa.

Both moms agreed to arrange a meeting for their lovebirds. And as we all know, when moms are at work, they are unstoppable. 

Mary booked Gabi a ticket to Ohio for their agreed scheduled visit. “Mary told Gabi they were going to a conference,” Lisa said. “I told Nick a friend needed a ride home from the airport.”

When the special day came, Lisa recorded the lovely scene that unfolded in front of them. Nick dropped to his knees upon seeing Gabi who leaped with excitement to wrap her new boyfriend in her arms.

Both of them never had intimate relationships before. Lisa said, “people with Down syndrome have no warm-up time when it comes to love. They lean in and love fully.”

The couple and their moms had a great vacation in Ohio, enjoying each other’s company in the little time they had. It was only then that Lisa has seen his son so happy.

“We are confident there will be wedding bells in their future. Maybe ‘The Today Show’ will pick up their story for their ‘Today Throws a Wedding’ episode!” Lisa said.

We trust Lisa’s motherly instincts for this. The reunion video clearly shows true love in its sweetest form. Nick and Gabi were undeniably made for each other. 

The couple are both advocates for Down syndrome. They have already accomplished so much in their respective fields. Now that they are together, we are sure they’ll do great.


Source: Inspire More