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Deaf and Blind Great Dane’s Wake-Up Wiggle Steals the Show!



Quick Smiles:

  • Groot, a deaf and blind Great Dane, lights up at the scent of his dog walker.
  • His joy-filled waggy tail moment, captured on TikTok, is an instant mood booster.
  • Simple touches and scent-based games are key to Groot’s happiness and play.

For anyone who thinks mornings are tough, Groot’s enthusiasm for a new day (and walk) will melt your heart.

Thanks to a TikTok video by @kbelshaw, we’ve been blessed with a dose of pure happiness from this special Great Dane.


My favoirite part of being a dog walker? THIS! The excitment and haloiness that radiates from them when they know its tine for a walk! I’m pouring my heart and soul into this ventire because it feels right. For the first time ever, I’m putting my passions above anythig else and hoping to make this a filltime career 💼🌈🐾 Let this be your aign to do what you love and love what you do 🤍 theres no better time then now. #followingmydream #dogwalker #dogsitter #dogsitting #greatdane #greatdanesoftiktok #blindanddeaf #blindanddeafdog ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

Slumbering peacefully on his couch, Groot, who happens to be both deaf and blind, was in for a lovely surprise.

The clip showcases the touching moment his dog walker greets him with soft touches and lets him sniff her hand.

And boy, did Groot’s face light up! With a tail that wagged non-stop, it’s clear that Groot’s world is filled with love.


Taking care of a special-needs pup like Groot might sound challenging, but with a little creativity and a lot of heart, it’s a joyous journey.

A few golden rules?

Stick to a comforting routine, use scents and textures to guide them, and communicate with unique touch-based cues. And don’t forget the fun – scent treasure hunts using treats or toys are a big win!

The bond between Groot and his humans is evident in every wag and nuzzle.

It’s an uplifting testament that with understanding and compassion, every dog, no matter their challenges, can thrive and bask in happiness.

Keep shining, Groot! 🌟🐾❤️