Disney princesses move aside, this toddler had a birthday party with ‘The Nun’ theme

  • A 3-year-old girl, Lucia Brown, decided that she wanted the theme for her birthday party to be based on The Nun.
  • The Nun is a 2018 horror flick about the origins of a malicious spirit known as Valak.
  • The party included a nun costume and face paint for Lucia, as well as a cake with Valak’s face.

When it comes to the theme for a little girl’s birthday party, the first things that’ll probably come to mind are Disney princesses or sparkly unicorns. However, Lucia Brown, who was set to have her 3rd birthday party shocked her mother, Laura Brown, when she had something entirely different in mind- the 2018 horror movie The Nun.

Photo Credit: Andrea Villareal

Laura told Good Morning America that her daughter had seen a bit of the movie when she was at her grandma’s house. Both the little girl’s father and grandmother told Lucia that “it wasn’t a cartoon”, but the little girl had her heart set on having the horror flick as the theme for her party.

The film is set in the ’50s, exploring the origins of a demonic force of an inhuman spirit known as Valak (played by Bonnie Aarons). Because Lucia was very persistent, her mother and father went with it.

On June 3, Lucia had her birthday party, dressed as the pale-faced Valak.  Andrea Villareal, Lucia’s cousin, posted photos and videos of the party the day after on Twitter. They showed the birthday cake adorned with Valak’s face and that the little girl’s friends had also painted their faces and also went with the dark theme.

Photo Credit: Andrea Villareal

Andrea also said that it was surprising that Lucia really took to The Nun as the little girl doesn’t really watch scary movies. “I know people see The Nun and get scared, but Lucia tells her mom that [the] nun is protecting her.”

The original post gained over 138 retweets and some attention from celebrities like Jordan Peele and even Bonnie Aarons herself.


Source: PEOPLE