Mom Finds Her Dog Chilling In Messy Room As If He Has Nothing to Do with the Mess


It’s a common issue for dog owners — coming home to discover that your four-legged pet did something mischievous. The problem with some dogs is that they get bored. And when they do,  they tend to get a bit destructive.

Joel Quinto has the first-hand experience with this issue with his naughty Boston terrier named Scooter.

When the beloved pet was about a year old, Joel’s girlfriend came home to find the whole living room in chaos. The little dog had pulled apart several magazines and torn them into tiny bits that littered everywhere — the carpet, the sofa, the floor.

Photo Credit: joelquinto(Youtube)

Armed with a smartphone, Joel’s girlfriend asked the naughty dog, “Scooter… what did you do?”
She pans the camera around the room to show the chaos before finally settling on the suspect — the little black and white Boston terrier who is chilling against a big stuffed duck, not concerned about what is happening around him.  And he doesn’t look like he regrets what he’s done.
Watch the adorable video below:

However, the tilt of his chin is a telltale sign that the cute dog knows exactly what he did. And it’s obvious he was enjoying while doing it.

After a few moments of grilling from Joel’s girlfriend, Scooter finally start to look a little bit guilty, but not nearly as much as he should considering the mess his parents will have to clean up!

Eventually, Scooter shows how sorry he was by slowly rolling onto his back to show off his tummy, Joel’s girlfriend can’t do anything but break down and giggle. No one can stay mad at that adorable little face

Photo Credit: joelquinto(Youtube)

The hilarious video is also a reminder for pet owners to always make sure that their pet has something to be busy with while they’re out. Because there are many ways to keep young and energetic dogs like Scooter out of trouble.

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