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Dog Wanderers: Rescue pups travel all around Europe!



  • Photographer Anne Geier rescued Finn and Yuri, two stray dogs in Romania.
  • Anne spent months traveling around Europe using her camper van, all while bringing her two pups along.
  • Finn and Yuri have experienced every traveler’s dream: to enjoy every breathtaking view and have it captured beautifully by a professional photographer — none other than their mom!

These dogs didn’t just wander around Europe, their trips came with Instagram-worthy photos anyone could be envious of!

Finn and Yuri must have gotten all the luck in the world when they were not only rescued by Anne Geier, but have also become the photographer’s favorite subject during all of her travels.

Anne, who won “pet photographer of the year” in the international “Dog Photographer of the Year” competition in 2019, has been exploring Europe in her camper van, bringing along Finn and Yuri.

The fur mom always makes sure she captures their moments, which are mostly from exotic locations with views nothing short of breathtaking.

“I started taking photos of Yuri and Finn during our travels to create loving memories for us, to show people around the world a piece of their beautiful souls combined with breathtaking landscapes, and to show how special and unique rescue dogs are,” Anne said.

Here are some stills that would surely blow you away.

1. Anne is the kind of photographer who loves exploring out-of-the way spots, like this ice cave in Switzerland.

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2. “My pictures live from certain lighting moods, from a slightly dreamy look, and from breathtaking landscapes,” Anne wrote on her website.

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3. “Finn is the dog you want by your side. Finn is my inspiration. Finn is the one who would do anything for me.”

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4. “Yuri is the adventurer, the free bird that shows you every day that life is carefree and beautiful.”

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5. Most of Anne’s best pictures of her pups were taken in Italy, Norway, and Switzerland.

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6. No words for this scenic view in Norway.

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7. Finn could be in awe of how beautiful Bärglistüber is, a 144-foot waterfall in the Glarus region of Switzerland.

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8. Yuri makes the view of the Dolomites in Italy even more stunning.

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9. Her two dogs, becoming like two best friends, are just a beautiful sight to behold.

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10. No one could ever think that Yuri was once a stray dog in Romania — now he’s above the mountains!

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Anne tries to “capture the dog’s character in the picture as well as possible and make the pictures emotionally captivating.” And it surely works with how spectacular each one of them turns out!

“When we are traveling, it is the best time for the dogs. They get 24 hours of quality time with their owners, and it’s everything they need to be happy. You can see and feel how much they enjoy traveling,” she shares.

Source: Inspire More