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Ex-Con Turned Life Around, Graduated College With Flying Colors [Video]



  • Joseph Valdez is a senior ex-convict who spent his adult years in prison.
  • At 62, he was able to earn a college degree with full flying colors!
  • Presently, he is planning to pursue graduate studies related to social work.

No dream is invalid.

This is what Joseph Valdez, who spent 30 years in prison, has proven not only to himself, but to the world!

Joseph has been exposed to godawful things since he was young. At a tender age of 11, he became addicted to drugs, and it was only in the later part of his life that he finally wanted to come clean and break free from his past.

He was around 50 years old when he realized he was getting into a really bad shape, and he wanted to do something about it, whatever the odds were.

His decision then changed his life around.

Photo Credit: ABC7

Joseph went on to pursue college and finished a degree after six long years. What’s even more admirable was he finished with flying colors — having earned a 3.67 GPA!

But there is no stopping him from further realizing his potentials and achieving his dreams. Joseph decided to take up a master’s degree in social work, to be a more relevant member of his community.

Photo Credit: ABC7

At 62, Joseph graduated with honors from Cal State Long Beach, after having been in prison for most of his life. According to him, his circumstances must not hinder him from achieving great things, just like what his mom always tells him when she was still alive.

“My mom has been gone for 14 years, but she never gave up hope on me,” he said.

Joseph took that inspiration from his mom that whatever he’s done — may it be good or bad — he can be anything he wants to be. Whatever he has done in the past, or whatever he gets himself involved in now, his mom not even once judged him. According to Joseph, she was an ever-present strong support.


“She always told me that I could be somebody,” Joseph shared.

Truly, dreams are for those who believe and who work on them to come into reality.

Source: Inspire More