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Ginger Cat Melts Hearts with Emotional Support Yarn



Quick Smiles:

  • A ginger kitty has gained popularity on TikTok for carrying his “emotional support yarn lump” wherever he goes.
  • The clip, shared by @arcturus_the_cat, has received over 900,000 views.
  • Feline behaviorist Anita Kelsey discusses the effects of separating kittens from their moms too early and the importance of comfort objects.

We call it his baby #orangecatsoftiktok #imjustababy #cat

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A TikTok video featuring a lovable orange cat named Arcturus and his “emotional support yarn lump” has warmed hearts all over. The clip has piqued the interest of over 900,000 viewers, melting hearts with every view.

Arcturus, the star of the clip, cannot be separated from his “yarn lump,” carrying it wherever he roams. The video’s text overlay explains, “POV: your orange kitten was taken too early from momma and now you have a cat that can’t go anywhere without his emotional support yarn lump,” adding the affectionate term for it, “We call it his baby.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) states that kittens should preferably stay with their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old. “During this time, they acquire vital social and developmental skills,” the organization explains. Early separation could result in behavioral issues such as increased anxiety, which may be why cats like Arcturus form attachments to objects for comfort.

“Normally, kittens should stay with their mothers until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old to learn crucial life skills. Cats separated prematurely from their mothers, and essentially from their siblings, may exhibit a range of behaviors including shyness, extreme nervousness, difficulty socializing with humans and other animals, and issues with the litter tray,” feline behavioral expert Anita Kelsey explains.


“Cats can develop attachments to objects for various reasons, which might include suckling blankets, sucking human hair, or, like the cat in the video, carrying an item they’ve become attached to, like a piece of yarn lump,” Kelsey continues. “It’s crucial to let cats continue these comfort behaviors, as long as they are not detrimental to their health. All creatures have quirks and sometimes, the reasons aren’t always clear.”

Viewers of the viral TikTok video have shared their own tales of pets with similar attachments or behaviors. Stories range from a cat that still tries to nurse in the absence of its mother, to another that always carries around an elf on the shelf toy.

Some viewers have also shared creative ways to help pets with separation anxiety. One pet owner, Sam, mentioned that they and their cat Mushroom are virtually inseparable, accompanying each other on bus rides and shopping trips.

Witnessing the mesmerizing world of our cherished pets and their unique characters is always delightful. Stories like Arcturus and his yarn lump remind us there’s always room for a little more happiness. So, if you manage to capture any of your own pet’s quirks on tape, don’t hesitate to share them with the world. Your pet might just become the next internet sensation!