Girl Scouts set up clinic to help seniors learn how to use their cell phones

  • A group of girl scouts set up a walk-in clinic to teach seniors how to navigate their cell phones.
  • Lessons ranged from simply unlocking their phones, to texting, to setting up online accounts.
  • Aside from one-on-one and group lessons, the girls’ clinic also offered guides and brochures that the seniors could take home and consult if they encountered other issues with their phones.

Technology is always evolving, and at a very fast pace too. It can be hard to keep up with the latest gadgets, especially when you’re a senior.  A group of eighth graders who are Girl Scouts from Troop 60013 in Arlington, Virginia recognized that problem and decided to do something about it.

Photo Credit: Jenny Sammis

The girls set up their own walk-in clinic to assist seniors with navigating how to use their own cell phones. Each of them spent at least an hour working with their assigned senior regarding different aspects ranging from simple texting to setting up ApplePay accounts. One of the Scouts said that the older woman she was helping immediately texted her daughter once the senior had learned how to.

“And I thought that was really sweet. It just made me feel really, really happy,” one Girl Scout said.

Though the girls started the clinic to get their Silver Award, the highest honor that can be given to a Girl Scout Cadette, their project resulted in quite the success. Nancy Taylor, a great-grandmother who availed of the clinic’s services can only describe the girls as “marvelous” and “magnificent.” She also said that the girls handled the seniors’ questions with a “very mature attitude.”

Aside from the clinic’s one-on-one and group lessons, brochures and guides were also printed out for the seniors to take home with them just in case they came across other problems.

The girls are hoping to organize even more clinics sometime soon.


Source: Good News Network