‘Good Samaritan’ App That Alerts Nearby Users to Medical Emergencies Is Life-Saving

A new app is looking for thousands of Good Samaritans as volunteers to help people during medical emergencies.

The app, called “GoodSAM”, alerts first responders and medically trained civilians through their cellphones when someone nearby is having a heart attack or some other life-threatening emergency. The app sends the alert when an ambulance is dispatched to respond to an emergency.

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A person who doesn’t get CPR or defibrillation or every minute after a cardiac arrest has the chances of survival fall by 10%, according to the Ambulance Victoria website. Therefore, recruiting the help of nearby citizens can make a lot of difference for a patient’s recovery.

GoodSAM’s life-saving potential recently made headlines after an off-duty paramedic in Australia received a GoodSAM alert concerning a 49-year-old man who had collapsed at his Melbourne home in the middle of the night.

The paramedic who lives close to the man’s home was able to rush to his side and give him CPR until the ambulance arrived.

“I didn’t even take the time to get out of my pajamas,” the paramedic told a local news outlet. “I just threw on a hoodie and went down to [his] house.”

Her quick response saved the man’s life. The rescue story is just one of GoodSAM’s many success stories. The app has has already saved the lives of 20 people since the start of the year, according to Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos.

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Initially, the app limited its volunteer participants to nurses and professionally trained medical professionals, but now, Victorian representatives are allowing any regional residents with basic CPR and first aid training to register as a volunteer with the app.

More than 40,000 trained volunteers enlisted with the app’s international alert system, and they have already responded to about 8,000 alerts, according to the GoodSAM website.

(WATCH the explanatory video below)

Source: Good News Network


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