He Is A Boy With No Legs, But He Has Become A Superstar

  • After birth, doctors told Cody McCasland’s parents he will die the same day due to an incurable disease. But he survived and proved the doctors wrong.
  • Now he’s become a passionate athlete who competes around the country even when both his legs were amputated when he was one year old.
  • Cody has become a superstar and inspired others to have a more positive outlook in life.

Just minutes after the birth of their son, Tina and Mike McCasland were told their baby is not going to live.

Mike recalled he was told by the doctor, ‘Say goodbye to your son. He’s not going to make it through the day. He’s got an incurable disease, and that’s it.’

Their baby, Cody McCasland, was born prematurely in 2001, with sacral agenesis, that had his legs form without tibias or knees. The baby wasn’t even breathing on his own.


Photo Credit: Inside Edition(Youtube)

But tough little Cody proved the doctors wrong. He survived not only his first day but eventually was able to go home with his parents.

Cody continued to grow stronger and even made it through when both his legs had to be amputated while he was only over a year old. 

Another milestone Tina and Mike celebrated was when Cody began walking with the first prosthesis given for free by Dallas’ Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. It was a pair of expensive prosthetics, including carbon-fiber-reinforced blades. 



Since then, Cody has continued to amaze everyone around him. He always wears a bright, happy smile and doesn’t seem to have the word “can’t” in his dictionary. He even took up racing at a very young age.

To give back, Cody served as the spokesman for the hospital. He visits injured service members and shares his story to give them renewed hope and a more optimistic outlook in life.

He has made headlines and appeared on ”Dateline,”  “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” sharing his passion for running, swimming, handcycling, and talking to as many people as he can — sharing positivity.

“Cody has really done everything that they said he wouldn’t do,” Mike said. “He wasn’t supposed to be able to walk; well, he walks — he runs. He wasn’t supposed to be able to talk [because] he only has one vocal cord; yet, he just goes on forever.”

Photo Credit: Paul B. Sutherland

Now Cody, almost 18 years old, continues to challenge the odds while reaching his dreams. He is a spokesman for Challenged Athletes Foundation. He competes in different athletic events around the country and will be competing in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics for swimming. 

After going through over two dozen surgeries in his life, Cody wants to become an anesthesiologist.

“I want to be working at the hospital, in the operating room,” Cody said. “I want to help people feel better.” 

“Some people might say I have a disability,” he continued. “But really, I have an ability.”

It came as no surprise that Cody was chosen as a DFW Superstar in 2018. He has become a great inspiration who has gone through so much and never let anything hold him back.


Photo Credit: Inside Edition(Youtube)

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