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Helpful Golden Retriever Goes Viral with Adorable DIY Supervision



Quick Smiles:

  • A 3-year-old Golden Retriever named Wally gains internet fame as he exhibits his “helpful” trait in a TikTok video.
  • A funny clip features Wally propped on the ladder “supporting” his human companion, the boyfriend of Julia Moriggi, as he constructs a pergola.
  • Wally’s “best helper” behaviors, considered adorable and human-like, earned him over 170,000 views and many new followers.

OR he’s waiting very patiently to go up this mysterious set of stairs. Either way this is proof dogs are just little angels on earth 💛 #goldenretriever #dogs #doggosdoingthings #smartdog #homeimprovementprojects #sweetdogs #doglover #dogoftheday

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Dogs are famously known for their playful character and readiness to join in on anything, from playful exploring of the laundry bin to serious digging in the yard. Wally, a friendly Golden Retriever, embodies these characteristics perfectly.

The entertaining video on TikTok, uploaded by Julia Moriggi from Quincy, Massachusetts, shows her 3-year-old dog Wally, seated on the bottom rung of a ladder, while his doting human, Tom Kuchenreuther, stands above him. Wally’s weight might not have been necessary, but the enthused dog thought otherwise.

Julia, 30, shared how Wally enjoys being around her boyfriend Tom, imitating him at every turn. “Anywhere his dad is,” Wally is there, following him even if it involves standing on odd stairs leading nowhere.

The endearing video on TikTok ( showcases Wally’s belief that he must “hold the ladder” for Tom. The clip won over many hearts, racking up more than 170,000 views and over 24,000 likes within just a few days.


According to Moriggi, “My boyfriend was assembling a new pergola on our back deck and because he stepped on the ladder, Wally decided to step on it too. He might have been trying to help, but more likely he was just trying to be involved.”

Not only is Wally intensely interested in their activities, but he also demonstrates a strong bond with Tom, “he might have thought he was following Tom up this mystery staircase—he would follow Tom anywhere.”

Used to Wally’s adorable antics, Julia humorously admitted she sometimes wonders if he is truly a human “trapped inside a dog’s body”. Julia found Wally’s recent feat irresistible, quickly recording and sharing it, delighting viewers.

Continuing his involvement, Wally stayed on the bottom step until Tom was ready to come down. Now, when it’s time to disassemble the pergola, Wally will undoubtedly be ready to help.

“Wally always does cute, funny, human-like things, so it didn’t surprise me. It’s very typical for him,” Julia shared.

Wally’s charm goes beyond his antics; he’s also emotionally intelligent, sweet, and loves people. Julia receives numerous comments on how fortunate they are to have such a wonderful pet and praise on how truly special Wally is. His popularity has surged with a wave of new followers since his video went viral.


Numerous viewers noted Wally’s helpfulness, leading to over 320 comments and counting. One amused user pointed out, “now that’s a safety supawvisor.” In a similar sentiment, another user shared, “my golden thinks he has to supervise any and all jobs around the house,” while another simply stated, “best helper, deserves lots of treats.”

So, if you have any amusing or adorable videos or photos of your pets, consider sharing them with the online community. Your best friend could garner attention and spread smiles.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eliot Schickler

    June 17, 2024 at 2:13 am

    Wally is a good dog! Let’s give Wally a bone! He has earned it!

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