Hospital Staff Reading Book To A Baby Patient Moved Parents So Much, The Moment Gave Them Comfort

  • Baby Parker was born extremely early and has a chronic lung condition.
  • Four days after Christmas, she caught what seemed to be a cold and was rushed back to the hospital.
  • That’s where her parents caught cardiovascular perfusionist Dane Pratt showing their baby love by reading her some books, moving her parents so much.

Aside from laughter, love and kindness are the best medicine.

The photo Cassie Baker from Saint Charles, Iowa, with her daughter Parker taken on Christmas day shows the baby in a seemingly perfect health. She’s got chubby cheeks and looks alert except that… she also has a plastic tube across her face.

Photo Credit: Cassie Baker

Parker was born prematurely at just 23 weeks and spent 234 days in the NICU.

She was surviving even with a chronic lung condition. But four days after Christmas, the poor baby caught what seemed to be a cold. She was rushed to MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center’s pediatric ward.

“We knew catching a cold would be bad for her, but never imagined it would become so severe so fast,” Cassie posted on Facebook. “This is what a virus can do to a kiddo with compromised lungs.”

Cassie and her husband Jacob never fail to give the little one all the love she needs. But they too needed comforting—and for that, they are grateful for cardiovascular perfusionist Dane Pratt.

“He just one day scooted up to her bedside, opened a book, and read to her,” Cassie said. “As a parent, it makes you feel so at home and at least knowing that there are medical professionals that don’t just see this as a job and are still compassionate.”

The couple was so moved Cassie decided to share a photo of this sweet moment online which went viral so easily.

Photo Credit: Cassie Baker

They found out Dane does this regularly. He brings his own books or borrows from the library and read them to his patients. After the attention he was getting, he now organizes a book drive for the kids. Anyone can donate new or pre-loved books so he and other compassionate people like him can utilize it to give patients some quality time. 

“Going the extra mile doesn’t mean you actually have to walk a mile,” Dane said. “Sometimes it’s as easy as reading a book.”

Dane’s way of showing love to their child has reminded Cassie and Jacob that they are not fighting this battle alone. 


Source: Inspire More