Kindergarten teacher let students draw on her dress and the outcome was beautiful

  • Kindergarten teacher Ashley Hicks wanted to revive an end-of-school tradition by letting her students unleash their creativity on an old white dress.
  • Each child drew or wrote sentences on their own allotted space on the dress, and the beautiful outcome brought them internet fame.
  • Hicks plans to keep the dress and keep track of her students: ‘I’m going to wear it to their graduations.’

When this kindergarten teacher from Kansas looked back at her own teenage days, she decided to revive a school tradition.

Ashley Hicks recalled wearing a white T-shirt at the end of the school year so all her classmates could sign it — and they did!

So when she came upon an old white dress while cleaning out her closet, she decided to bring it to school and let her students unleash their creativity.

She certainly did not expect that the outcome will bring them internet fame.

She told, I just didn’t expect this dress to do this. My heart is so full.”

The kids were so happy about this, and I’m just happy that my students are getting the attention they deserve. They’re all rock stars. she continued.

Hicks has been a teacher for about two decades and taught kindergarten for the last two years.

Her class at Enterprise Elementary in Wichita includes “high trauma” students — “kids who have been through things” such as personal tragedy or foster care, and children with behavioral issues.

She pointed out, “Academics is important, but with school shootings and suicides, students need to know how to regulate themselves, how to talk about things they’re feeling.”

Emotions like anger and sadness can feel overwhelming to children with no coping skills.

Hicks shared that helping the students involves letting the kids have fun.

When Hicks brought the dress to her classroom, she also brought several brightly colored fabric markers. Each child had their own allotted space on the dress.

“They just doodled away,” said Hicks, who also encouraged them to write sentences.

One kid wrote, “Have a great summer,” while another wrote, “I love rainbows.”

Hicks shared, “The dress is important to me because it spreads positivity. Theres a lot things teachers do that no one sees.

While there were also some negative comments about her dress, Hicks was not bothered. Most of them had wrongly assumed that she was wearing the dress while the kids were drawing on it.

She pointed out, “As a teacher, I know there are regulations about what you can do in the classroom. I didn’t let them draw on my bosom!

Hicks plans to keep the dress and keep track of her students: “I’m going to wear it to their graduations.”


Source: Inside Edition