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Kittens plot a group escape out of catio [Video]



  • Katie Krysan have started fostering cats and kittens since the pandemic happened.
  • She took home Jasmine and her four kittens, all ready with a huge-netted catio made just for them.
  • Katie was surprised when all four kittens were able to get out and have a nap on top of the catio!

Katie Krysan started fostering cats and kittens when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020.

“I felt powerless to do anything helpful during the pandemic, so I decided to start fostering kitties,” Katie told The Dodo.

An experienced foster mom now, Katie is more than prepared to raise kittens, including mischievous ones, until she was outsmarted by these cats — Jasmine and her four kittens, Rajah, Genie, Abu and Iago.

Photo Credit: Katie Krysan/The Dodo

Jasmine and the kittens quickly adapted to their new foster home with Katie, who was so excited to give them some tender loving care.

Katie and her husband even prepared a huge catio for the cats, where they can play and climb over. Initially, the foster mom thought that escaping was impossible, until the cats proved her wrong.

One day, as Katie walked into the room, she realized that Rajah, Genie, Abu and Iago were already on top of the catio, snuggling up together!

Photo Credit: Katie Krysan/The Dodo

The kittens were sleeping so soundly when Katie intruded, and they were awakened with a mix of guilt and annoyance all over their faces — unsure how to react that they were caught on top of the net where they weren’t supposed to be at.

As to how they managed to go up there, Katie had no idea! Later on, she and her husband were able to identify the cause of the problem: all three door latches were not closed. They fixed it, but two kittens were still able to escape!

“I figured the door was slightly ajar on the bottom, and they squeezed out. So, when I put them away and closed the door, I figured the problem was solved. But I came out later and two of the kittens were out again! We then took a good look at the catio and found some loose areas in the netting … We’ve now reinforced it with extra zip ties, and it’s all good!”

Now, the kittens can no longer take naps on top of the catio. But with their grit, it seems like there would be another mischief happening soon…

Source: The Dodo