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Lucky Pup Rescued from Train Tracks Finds His Forever Home



Quick Smiles:

  • City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS) staff rescued a yellow Lab named Lucky, found trapped on an active train track with his leash secured to the railings.
  • Animal Care Officer Edwards, who responded to the call, built trust with the scared dog and managed to free him from the tracks moments before a train sped past.
  • After settling in at SAACS and receiving a medical checkup, Lucky was adopted by a man named Mr. C., who renamed him Duke. Duke has adapted well to his new home, finally receiving the love and safety he deserves.

Recently, a typical day turned into a high-stakes race against time at the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS).

The team received a distress call about a dog trapped on an active train track, his leash mysteriously caught on the rail.

Without hesitation, Animal Care Officer Edwards was on the scene, ready to turn the tide of a dire situation.

On arrival, Officer Edwards discovered a terrified yellow Lab, later dubbed Lucky, helplessly tethered to the tracks.

“Officer Edwards noticed the leash tied to Lucky’s neck was secured to the tracks with a nail, tightening more and more as he pulled away,” SAACS shared on Facebook.

“Lucky was very scared and certainly not ready to trust anyone.”

However, Officer Edwards, equipped with determination and a gentle touch, managed to earn Lucky’s trust.


A race against the clock ensued, with the impending rumble of a train echoing in the distance.

Just in the nick of time, Officer Edwards whisked Lucky off the tracks as a train zoomed past the spot where he’d been moments before.

With Lucky safe in his arms, they embarked on a new, exciting journey, leaving behind the perilous train tracks.

At SAACS, Lucky was embraced by the compassionate team and given a full checkup.

He was finally in a safe place, beginning to warm up to the kindness of his newfound human friends.

In an effort to find Lucky a forever home, SAACS shared his heroic rescue story on Facebook, capturing the hearts of thousands.


Among the crowd was Mr. C., who was instantly smitten with Lucky’s tale of survival and resilience.

After meeting Lucky, Mr. C. knew instantly that this courageous pup was a perfect fit for his family.

“As soon as I met him, I could tell he was exactly the kind of dog that would fit in with my family. He was so chill and unbothered,” Mr. C shared on Facebook.

After a short time bonding with Lucky at SAACS, Mr. C. made the joyous decision to adopt him.

Lucky, now called Duke, is settling into his new life beautifully, basking in the love and security of his forever home.

Though the mystery of how he ended up on the tracks still remains, the gratitude for his rescue is profound.


“We’re not sure if Lucky’s leash caught the nail as he walked past or if someone secured him,” SAACS wrote.

“But we are beyond grateful to those who reported this situation to 3-1-1, and Animal Care Officer Edwards for getting him to safety!”

Duke’s story is a remarkable testament to the power of community, compassion, and timely action.

It’s a journey from a dangerous train track to a loving home, proving that sometimes, luck comes in the form of a wagging tail and a warm heart.