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Man Allows Random Bird to Live on His Head [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Glynne Wood had a unique experience in 1969 when a pigeon decided to perch on his head for a week.
  • Instead of shooing it away, Wood took his new companion everywhere with him.
  • The pigeon, named Charlie, was reunited with its original owner after the story gained media attention.

Picture this: You’re taking a casual walk in Stechford, England, when suddenly a pigeon makes a graceful landing – right on your head!

That’s exactly what happened to Glynne Wood, a tax inspector, back in October 1969.

The Birmingham Post Reporter aptly captured the event by stating, “It stayed there as he walked home. Nothing he could do would shift it.”

While many would have resorted to shooing away the unexpected visitor, Wood exhibited a rare kindness. The pigeon remained on his head for a week, journeying with him everywhere. Instead of seeing it as a nuisance, Wood embraced his new companion.

He shared with the BBC in a candid interview, “It’s very friendly. It goes everywhere. Everywhere that I go, the pigeon goes, up the road, in the shop, greengrocers.”


What seemed like a perpetual head ornament for Wood soon took a heartwarming twist.

Once word spread and news channels picked up on the delightful story, a local family stepped in, recognizing the bird as their cherished pet, Charlie.

Irene Miotla, the pigeon’s rightful owner, reminisced with the Birmingham Post Reporter, “I saw a little boy who had a baby pigeon. He gave him to me to look after.”

Charlie had been lost during a stroll and, finding himself alone, sought shelter atop Wood’s head.


In a world full of uncertainty, Charlie took a leap of faith, and it’s evident half a century later that he chose the right human.

It’s a testament to the unspoken bonds between creatures and their innate ability to find kindness, even in the most unexpected places.