Man Recreates ‘Candle House’ Scene From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to Propose to Girlfriend

If you’re a “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, then you remember the “candle house” scene too well. Well, one fan from Missouri doesn’t just remember that scene, but he also decided to recreate it to propose to his girlfriend, Hannah Pettijohn.

Joshua Green used over 400 candles to recreate the romantic scene, arranging them on the lawn of Gasworks Park in Seattle, Washington.

Photo Credit: Christi Hunt

“It was sentimental to us and she loved it,” Joshua of Kansas City told “It was everything I wanted.”

Joshua explained that when he first met Hannah about three years ago, he knew right away that she was a big fan of the ABC hit medical drama.

“The minute I turned it on, I was hooked and she rewatched it all with me,” Joshua said. “We still rewatch it and that is our show.”

They were such big fans that they named their 2-year-old son Avery after one of the show’s characters portrayed by actor Jesse Williams.

Shortly after Avery was born, Joshua said they were rewatching some of their favorite episodes when Hannah mentioned how much she loved the “candle house” scene in season four. That’s the scene in which Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) used candles to illustrate the floor plan of the home he wanted to build for Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

The “candle house” scene in ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Joshua remembered that and planned his elaborate proposal over the next two years, between kids growing up and their jobs and studies.

He also set a good time for them to do a couples’ trip to Seattle, where “Grey’s Anatomy” is set, contacted a local photographer, Christi Hunt, and organized the proposal.

“I chose Christi Hunt because she knew the scene, she knew everything, she made me feel comfortable and I had no doubt we can do this,” Joshua revealed. “I didn’t hardly know what she looked like.”

Christi made the surprise happen, even figuring out how many candles were used in the romantic scene and figuring out an alternative place to set up the surprise when the location the television show used would be too inconvenient.

When the big day came, Hannah was completely blown away.

“I was like, ‘Don’t pass out’ because it looked like she was about to,” Joshua said. “I basically took Derek Shepherd’s words into my proposal. I gave her a proposal she’ll never forget.”

Photo Credit: Christi Hunt

Source: Inside Edition


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