Watch: Martial Arts Kids Cheer on Tearful Boy Who Struggled to Break Wooden Board

  • This adorable young student of martial arts was struggling to overcome the test of kicking a wooden board in half and was starting to get frustrated.
  • But as he started to cry and was about to give up, his classmates chanted his name to cheer him on.
  • Thanks to his classmates’ encouragement, he finally breaks through and overcomes this obstacle.

This young student of martial arts has been struggling to kick a wooden board in half and was about to give up. But thanks to his classmates’ cheers, he breaks through and overcomes this obstacle.

The inspiring moment was captured on video, which has since been shared on several social media platforms for millions of times.

In the video, the adorable Phoenix Swonger from Florida can be seen kicking a wooden board, trying to break it in half.

At the Bobby Dixon’s American Martial Arts Academy in Orlando, Phoenix was being coached through the test by the dojo’s manager, Erik Gianini.

Phoenix kicked the board repeatedly, but it just wouldn’t break.

The discouraged student increasingly got frustrated and started to cry, but his classmates continued to cheer him on.

In the video, you can occasionally hear his classmates’ words of encouragement, but when Phoenix started crying, the encouraging chants got louder and louder.

Finally, with one swift kick, Phoenix breaks through the board!

The kids could not contain their excitement! His classmates all ran over to hug and congratulate him.

Apparently, passing the test was not a requirement for Phoenix to advance to his next martial arts level, but overcoming the obstacle has surely awarded him a new level of confidence.

His mom Claudia proudly wrote, “While it may have been a struggle, with encouragement, instruction, and lots of love, he overcame and advanced. My boy learned one of the most important lessons in his life today! NEVER… EVER GIVE UP!!!”

You can watch the inspiring moment unfold in the video below.


Source: Good News Network


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