Mom Was Called Out For Her 4-year-old Daughter’s X-Rated Drawing At School

  • Mom Vicci was mortified when she was called at school for her daughter’s drawing mistaken to be x-rated.
  • Amelia is still in the nursery but she definitely has made the day of her future teacher, she gave her a gold star.
  • Her dad, Patrick, was also so embarrassed he joked he wouldn’t be showing up at nursery anymore.

Little Amelia Barnhouse is a nursery pupil and their class had been on a school trip to the Brecon Beacons in Wales. She played on a big slide there that she has not forgotten it for a whole month.

When they came back, she was asked to doodle her memories of the trip. Little Amelia draws what she remembers dearly, the big slide with two circular steps at the bottom that left the nursery staff with giggles.

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Mom Vicci, 34, from Cardiff, South Wales, was queuing to pick her daughter up when she was called by a nursery staff for a chat on a Friday. The teacher stood by the door holding Amelia’s workbook in a way that she seemed to hide.

“She said ‘can I have a quick chat? We were just wondering what park you take Amelia to?”

Vicci was then showed the workbook with all the teaching assistants and other staff present there. They were all laughing hard.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media

“I wanted the ground to swallow me up. It tickled us all.”

Mom Vicci thought it really was x-rated when she saw the drawing. It looked nothing like a slide.

Amelia’s dad, Patrick, was also embarrassed he joked he wouldn’t show his face in the nursery ever again.

“I said to the teacher ‘I can’t wait until Dad sees this’, and she said ‘we can’t wait to see Dad!’

The teacher said the drawing actually went around the school and everyone had a look at it.

And Amelia has enjoyed her new celebrity status, she was even given a gold star by her future headteacher for a great output that made her day.

“Amelia’s in nursery and doesn’t start school full time until September, but it even went to the headteacher who gave her a sticker for creating it.”

Apparently, she has already made a good impression for her future teacher.

“Amelia has an older sister who’s 22 and it’s gone around her office too. Everybody has had a good old giggle today.”

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Aside from the shock Amelia has caused her mom with her drawing, she is also known as the joker in the family. She would enjoy acting silly with her brothers, Ethan, 11, and Declan, 15.

“If she’s not on stage when she’s older, there’ll be something wrong,” mom said.

On a serious note, Amelia really loves drawing. “Her teacher said she’s actually really good, with the detail in this drawing for her age.”


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