NASCAR racer Alex Bowman is animal rescue champ

  • NASCAR driver Alex Bowman advocates animal rescue.
  • In one of the NASCAR events, he sported a car painted with “Best Friends Animal Society.”
  • This move caught the attention of Ally Nascar, committing thousands of donations to animal rescue centers.

Alex Bowman is not only championing NASCAR Cup Series, but also animal rescue campaigns.

Photo Credit: Hendrick Motorsports/TODAY

During the NASCAR season’s kickoff at Arizona’s Phoenix Raceway, Alex sported a car bearing the name of nonprofit organization, Best Friends Animal Society.

The nonprofit focuses on creating a sanctuary for homeless and special-needs animals, according to its website.

Alex shares the same passion with Best Friends Animal Society, so he carried on with its advocacy to save homeless animals.

Photo Credit: Hendrick Motorsports/TODAY

“Their goal is to end kill shelters and to ‘save them all,’” Alex said. “There’s a lot of animals that are in need of homes and I have a rescue dog named Roscoe, so it’s something I’m really passionate about.”

Without fail, Alex was able to draw out support from interest groups to help the nonprofit and its partner foundations.

Ally Financial, for one, committed $1,000 worth of donations to an affiliate shelter of Best Friends Animal Society in each city that hosts a NASCAR Cup race, which Alex will personally match. Thus, Ally Financial and Alex will be donating $33,000 this season.

Halo Animal Rescue in Avondale, Arizona and and Phoenix Raceway, which happened to be his home track, are set out to become the first recipient.

Ally Financial has furthered pledged to donate $10,000 to the local shelter in any city where Alex wins the race.

According to Alex, this move made him all the more excited and motivated, knowing that his every win will not just mean a trophy for him, but a better world to homeless, helpless animals.

“It’s hard to motivate me any harder than I already am, but that donation going up is really cool,” he said. “I really want to win knowing that we can help a lot more animals if we do win. It’d be really cool to make that happen.”

Photo Credit: Hendrick Motorsports/TODAY

Alex, who has adopted a beagle mix dog named Roscoe, hopes that NASCAR fans will have the heart to adopt pets from shelters and give them a nice, loving home.

“You’re really saving a life when you go adopt an animal,” Alex said. “I think it’s a great thing to do.”

Source: TODAY

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