Netizens show amazing generosity to poor student who couldn’t afford graduation outfit

  • A university student, Denga Mudau, posted on Twitter for help when her friend couldn’t afford a graduation outfit.
  • Denga asked if someone could simply lend or buy a blazer for her friend, but strangers from around the globe surprised her with their generosity.
  • People offered all kinds of things to make the friends’ graduation day special, from cash to a full outfit to restaurant meals.

Graduating from university is a great milestone in life. Of course, looking sharp for the ceremony is something practically everyone would want to do, but not everyone can do so.

Denga Mudau and her friend Aphiwe, students of the University of the Witwatersrand, were due to graduate and were looking forward to celebrating their accomplishment. However, Aphiwe didn’t have the funds to buy himself something nice for the ceremony. Because of this, he wasn’t planning to attend at all.

Denga didn’t want her friend to miss such a special occasion and did what she could by secretly buying her friend a white shirt to match the navy pants he had. Still, it didn’t feel like enough to make sure Aphiwe looked and felt wonderful during the big day. So, Denga turned to social media to find a solution, posting on Twitter and asking if a Good Samaritan would donate or lend a few articles of clothing for her friend.


The response was far from anything Denga expected. People didn’t just offer to buy or lend a jacket for Aphiwe. All over the world, strangers stepped up with offers of cash, a full suit, a photographer to shoot their graduation, and even restaurant meals for their whole family.

It seemed like the least she could do for Aphiwe, who she says had been a “good friend” and helped her through her depression. “He had my back when I had given up on life, he deserves all the blessings coming his way.” The kindness and generosity of strangers can be a beautiful thing.

Source: Inspire More