Newlyweds Left In Tears After Guests Surprised Them With An Emotional Flash Mob [Video]

  • Weddings can have a lot of surprises, Shane and Rachel McNally’s wedding is one of them.
  • Having realized that a lot in the audience were talented singers, Hannah O’Brien, with the singing group Starling Blue, organized secret rehearsals for the big surprise.
  • When the wedding day came, their surprise to the newlyweds, a song number “Stand by Me” left the couple in tears.

Guests at Shane and Rachel McNally’s wedding at St. Joseph’s Church in Carrickmacross, Ireland left the newlyweds in tears after they prepared a wonderful surprise for the couple.

At first, the traditional wedding went smoothly, but after the vows were made, the twist of the day began—when one guest suddenly stood up and started singing.

The couple’s friend, Hannah O’Brien,  a member of a four-part female vocal group called Starling Blue, organized this amazing surprise after realizing that there would be a lot of talented singers in the wedding.

“I realized that there were going to be plenty of singers and musicians attending the wedding and saw the opportunity to do something special for the happy couple who love music,” Hannah said.

For weeks before the big event, Hannah and Sterling Blue conducted secret rehearsals—and when the special moment came, the lovely couple were in tears, moved by the beautiful song “Stand By Me.”

In the video taken by wedding photographer Ray Yore, the guests can be seen standing one by one singing their parts and then later on, slowly walking towards the front. Shane is wiping his tears and Rachel is fanning her face maybe to keep herself together and not ruin her make-up. Rachel’s father is even one of the singers.

The video is so touching and it’s easy to understand it got a lot of views. “It was an awesome surprise and moved everyone to tears, it was a beautiful tribute to the bride and groom,” Ray said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this done before and I’ve been to A LOT of weddings,” Ray wrote on Facebook. 

With all the wedding tributes we have seen, this one is the most captivating. The song is agelessly lovely and the way they surprised the couple makes it more special.


Source: Inspire More