NYC: Man Leaves His Birthday Party to Rescue Dog Stranded in East River

  • Gabe Castellanos was celebrating his birthday on the Brooklyn Barge when he spotted a dog swimming in the East River.
  • Harper, the 2-year-old pup, headed to the river in a panic when a taxi hit her pet-sitter while they were on a walk.
  • Castellanos dove into the water and guided the dog safely back to shore.

This heroic man left his own birthday party to rescue a panicked dog who got stranded in New York’s East River.

Harper, the 2-year-old pup, was walking down the streets of Brooklyn with her pet-sitter when a taxi ran through a stop sign and hit her pet-sitter. The poor dog ran off into the river in a panic.

Meanwhile, on the Brooklyn Barge, Gabe Castellanos was celebrating his birthday with his friends. When they spotted the dog in the water, they thought it was simply going for a swim while its owner watched from the shore.

But the dog started swimming farther away from shore. Moments later, the pet-sitter informed them that the dog had run away.

Harper had been trying to stay afloat for over ten minutes and was quickly getting tired. It was then that Castellanos realized he had to help. Fortunately, he has maritime experience as a graduate of the SUNY Maritime College.

He stripped down to his underwear, grabbed a nearby lifejacket, headed to a safe part of the pier, and dove into the water.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

Several onlookers cheered him on from the shoreline while a police helicopter hovered overhead.

When Castellanos finally caught up to Harper, he started to steer her towards the shore, but the panicked pup bit his hand and face. He sustained some injuries and his tooth was chipped during the commotion in the water.

But Castellanos was determined to get her safely to land. He eventually managed to get her to the shore and back to her worried pet-sitter.

Castellanos had to get a temporary fake front tooth because of Harper’s attack, but he harbored no hard feelings. He told Inside Edition, “I was like, ‘Aw it’s alright, I needed teeth work anyway.’”

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

Castellanos’s heroism evoked endless gratitude from Harper’s owner, who expressed her hopes to throw him another birthday party as thanks.

You can watch the video of the news story below.


Source: Good News Network


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