Pizzeria Employee Returns Check Worth Nearly Half a Million Left Behind by Customer

  • A waiter at a New York pizzeria was reported to have found a $424,000 check accidentally left behind by a customer he had served earlier while cleaning tables on Saturday.
  • Armando Markaj told the Daily News that while stuff left behind by customers are usually deposited in a lost and found box, he said he gave the check instead to the restaurant owner for safekeeping.
  • Once reunited with her check, the owner thanked the restaurant and apologized to Markaj for not tipping him because of a remark he said at the time that annoyed her and her daughter

What could a waiter at Patsy’s Pizzeria in New York City be thinking after finding a $424,000 worth of cashier’s check at a table he earlier waited on during the day who did not leave a tip? According to the New York Daily News, the check belonged to Karen Vinacour.

Photo Credit: Barry Williams

While cleaning tables on Saturday, the check which was accidentally left on the table was discovered by a waiter, Armando Markaj who gave it right away to the restaurant owner for safekeeping.

He told the Daily News that things left behind are normally placed in the lost and found box in the back, “but I’m not doing that with a check that’s almost half a million dollars.”

Photo Credit: Barry Williams

In the meantime, Vinacour who stopped by Patsy’s with her daughter the previous day after scouting for a condo she wanted to buy wasn’t aware that the check was left behind until Sunday night.  Supposedly, the check was her down payment on the apartment.

Upon discovering that it was missing, Vinacour requested the bank to void it. However, she was told that it would take three months before they could cancel it because it was a cashier’s check.

 “My world just collapsed,” she told the publication.

Meanwhile, the owner of Patsy’s contacted the Daily News for help, which tracked down Vinacour.

Photo Credit: Barry Williams for New York Daily News

When the Daily News called her from the restaurant, Vinacour exclaimed,” I’m jumping in a cab now, I’ll be there right away. I’m so relieved, you have no idea!”

During the joyful reunion at the restaurant, Vinacour explained to Markaj that they did not tip him because she and her daughter were quite offended with his response when they asked why there were a few pictures of women on the restaurant’s wall. Vinacour said she remembered him replying, “Maybe women don’t eat a lot of pizza?”

Photo Credit: Barry Williams for New York Daily News

From now on though there is at least one more photo on the walls of Patsy’s.

“We’re going to take a picture here today with you, and I’m going to put that on the wall, too,” said the pizzeria owner to Vinacour during the happy event.


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