Pro footballer Cristiano Ronaldo stops bus when he sees young fan with incurable illnesses holding up sign

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is not only known for being an excellent soccer player as a forward for Italian club Juventus but for his big heart as well.
  • When Cristiano and the Portugal national team were leaving the Bessa stadium in a bus going to their next game, they saw a little boy named Eduardo Moireira holding a sign that when translated means: “Cristiano, give me a hug.”
  • Cristiano invited the boy to come up the bus where they posed for a few photographs together before Eduardo got the hug he wished for.

Professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is known all over the world for his athletic excellence as well as his kindness towards his fans. The Portugal national team captain now plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus.

One day, while Cristiano and the Portuguese team were driving out of the Bessa stadium going to their next game,  they spotted a tiny boy on the side of a busy street that made them immediately halt the bus. The little boy, Eduardo Moireira, was standing on the sidewalk and holding a handwritten sign that when translated reads: “Cristiano, give me a hug.”

Cristiano immediately asked that the bus stop so that he could approach the child. Eduardo, who is already 11 years old is barely four feet tall.

The boy has been plagued with several incurable illnesses, including leukemia since he was only 1 year old. He is Cristiano’s number 1 fan. Watching his favorite footballer on TV lifts Eduardo’s spirits. That’s why when he found out that Cristiano’s bus would pass by his hometown, he planned to get the star’s attention.

When the bus stopped, Cristiano invited Eduardo to come up and posed for a few photos together before the boy got the hug he was wishing for. Happiness is clearly written on his face as he poses with his hero!

Inspire More wrote: This is one of those little things that celebrities can do to give back to the people who make them famous. It took just a few moments of Cristiano’s time to say hello to Eduardo, yet this is an encounter the boy will never forget!


Source: Inspire More

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