Rangers help free 6 baby elephants trapped in Thailand’s mud hole

  • Six infant elephants stuck in a muddy pit and separated from their families were freed by a rescue crew who found them on Wednesday in the northeastern part of Thailand.
  • The team worked for hours the next day building a ramp; eventually, the animals managed to get out after a lot of struggling and slipping.
  • While the 6 babies ran out to the forest after coming from the mud hole, the park chief said that there seems to be another herd related to the trapped babies circling the area.

In northeastern Thailand, six baby elephants have been saved by a team of park rangers after they spotted them trapped in a muddy hole and separated from their parents.

According to Thap Lan National Park officials, on Wednesday afternoon, the rangers chanced upon the elephants as they were struggling to climb the slippery banks of the pit.

While some of the Rangers went for help, the others stayed with the baby elephants during the night.

The next day, as rangers dug out enough mud to form a ramp with the use of hoes and pickaxes for four hours, the elephant calves together lolled about at the other side of the pit.

Photo Credit: Thailand Department of National Parks

As the elephants struggled to get out, the rangers cheered them on saying some comments like, “Go, go on, child!”

After a lot of slipping and falling, they finally make it all out of the mud pit.

The babies quickly headed into the forest some meters away except for one who lingered, faced the ranger for a moment, pauses, and finally follows the others past the tree line.

Photo Credit: Thailand Department of National Parks

“Gone, they’re gone,” cries a ranger, as the group came together to celebrate.

There were signs that a herd of elephants believed to be related to the trapped infants was circling the area says park chief Prawatsart Chantep.

Elephants are Thailand’s official national animal, which for a time graced the country’s flag when its name was still Siam.


Source: ABC News




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