SF 49ers’ Player Richard Sherman Gives School Principal a Check to Pay Off All Outstanding Cafeteria Debts

  • NFL player Richard Sherman had just made a $7,500 donation to Cabrillo Middle School this week.
  • The 49ers cornerback player surprised Cabrillo Principal Stan Garber when he handed him the check, saying the money was intended for outstanding lunch debt at school.
  • Sherman’s donation will benefit more than 60 students with unpaid lunch balances.

One of San Francisco 49ers’ players went out of his way to erase the cafeteria debt of students at a local middle school.

The 49ers cornerback player, Richard Sherman, has donated $7,500 to Cabrillo Middle School this week. The money was intended to pay off all of the outstanding lunch debt at the school.

Stan Garber, the school principal, said while he was working as a docent at the nearby 49ers museum, Sherman pulled him aside and to his surprise, handed him the check.

The principal later told ABC News that the donation will benefit over 60 students with outstanding lunch balances.

“It’s the most generous thing to happen for these kids,” he told reporters. “It was the perfect way to give back and help them. It was the kindest, most generous gesture,” Garber told the news outlet.

The donation was made through the football player’s Richard Sherman Family Foundation, a charitable organization that “was formed in 2013 by Richard Sherman to provide students in low-income communities with school supplies and clothing so they can more adequately achieve their goals.”

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According to KPIX,  a CBS owned-and-operated television station, Sherman’s foundation later sent a letter to Cabrillo Middle’s Nutrition Services Department.

The letter read: “We have found that eliminating student lunch debt is one way to help assist students and their families in relieving some of the stress that comes with attending school on a daily basis. The last thing any child should have to worry about is being able to afford eating breakfast and lunch at school; we aim to do our part in eliminating that obstacle.”

Photo Credit: Cabrillo Middle School

Actually, this is not the first time that Sherman has paid off school lunch debt because he did the same for the Tacoma Public School System. The pro-football player wrote a check to pay off all $20,000 in lunch debt for the school.

For the last six years, the Richard Sherman Family Foundation has reportedly raised more than $1.5 million to benefit under-served schools, students, and communities.


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Sherman is a treasure – wherever he lives – because of how he lives.

Such a good person you are, Richard. God will bless you tremendously. I thank you for doing this for these children.