Sneaky Pug Locks His Sister In A Crate Using A Hilarious Trick [Video]

  • Sibling pugs Elphie and Sizzle surely love each other but they also love to prank each other.
  • When their human dad Andrew put Sizzle in a crate, Elphie found a way to free him.
  • But once Sizzle is free, he found a way to lock his sister in the crate.

In every great sibling relationship, a rivalry is always part of it. That is the same with Elphie and Terrell “Sizzle” Suggs—Andrew Nechetsky’s two adorable pugs.

Just like most siblings, the two are inseparable. When Andrew adopted Sizzle from Delaware Valley Pug Rescue, her sister Elphie always made sure she spends extra time with her little furball brother.

“I leave for work before my wife does, and she would always put him in the crate as he was a puppy,” Andrew told The Dodo. “We would put a gate in between the kitchen and the hallway so Elphie wouldn’t bother him while we were gone.”

But whenever Andrew gets home, he would always find Sizzle outside his crate, roaming around. Andrew thought her wife just forgot to lock it, but later on, they found out that it was all Elphie’s doing.

“We learned that she figured out how to climb over the gate,” Andrew said, “and she would let him out of the crate.”

Photo Credit: Andrew Nechetsky

Since then, they have stopped locking Sizzle in the crate.

After a few weeks, Andrew came home only to find Elphie locked in the crate that used to be her brother’s. The interesting thing was, there was no way Elphie can lock herself from the inside.

“I started coming home from work and I’d open the front door and hear her crying. I walk into the kitchen and see her locked in the crate,” Andrew said. “I honestly couldn’t for the life of me figure out how she got in there.”

He checked the security cameras but only in vain. He did not find anything until one day, he decided to silently follow Sizzle strolling into the kitchen watching in secret.

Photo Credit: Andrew Nechetsky

“I see [Sizzle] open the crate, then he walks away and grabs a little pig toy and he puts it in the crate,” Andrrew said. “He walked away and waited, [Elphie] went looking for her pig, saw it in the crate, walked in and sat next to it. Then [Sizzle]closed the door and used his mouth to latch it shut. It blew my freakin’ mind.”

Andrew freed Elphie right away but later that day, Sizzle did it again. So when Andrew showed the video of the little pup’s silly act to his wife, they got rid of the crate… but not Sizzle’s guilty face.

Andrew thought Sizzle must have been playing only. “I think he did it as a game,” Andrew said. “He loves to play with her — they get along great.”

Without the crate, they are now back to “cuddling on the couch,” Andrew said.

Source: The Dodo