Stray Cat Makes The Church His Home And Listens To Worshippers’ Praise Always

A good-looking stray cat appeared at a parish in Brazil one day and did not leave. The cat named Junior decided to make it his home.

Photo Credit: São Sebastião Parish

No one can say for sure where exactly the stray cat came from, but he’s decided that the São Sebastião Parish, in the town of Atibaia, is now his forever home. It was a big move on the cat’s part.

Junior appears to believe that those he graces with his cute presence should consider themselves blessed.

Look at this photo of Junior having “donated” himself in the church’s collection basket:

Photo Credit: São Sebastião Parish

But there may be a reason why Junior feels that way.

Because he knows that, after he appeared in the church, worshippers began filling the pews on a regular basis. You can’t blame the cat if he thinks all the praises and exaltations must be directed toward him.

Junior never fails to hear the mass.

“He always goes to mass,” the São Sebastião Parish wrote on social media.

Photo Credit: São Sebastião Parish

Junior always roams the aisles during services but sometimes, he selects one churchgoer and settles on that person’s lap.

But there was a day when Junior decided to place himself front and center.

That’s the time when the priest’s sermon was about how wonderful Junior is. And while lying there in front of all the churchgoers, he was still able to look chill.

Junior is being cared for by the church’s leader, Osvaldo Boracini, who adores him since the day he appeared. And while the cat might not be the little deity he imagines himself to be, he has brought a heavenly aura to the church in the kindness his presence inspires, The Dodo wrote.

Even people outside the parish have also taken notice.

“I am not Catholic, but I congratulate the priest and the [congregation] for their respect and affection toward the kitten!” one Internet user commented online. “I love it! So much to be proud of!”

Source: The Dodo


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