Stray Dog Routinely Sits By The Door Of A Chain Restaurant Every Night For The Whole Year Waiting For Food

  • Stray dog Subway Sally always waits outside a Subway restaurant in Mexico waiting for food.
  • She does this every night and the restaurant staff never failed to give her a special meal.
  • Rescuers have tried sheltering Sally but he likes the streets better and always finds her way back to the restaurant.

A stray pup routinely sits by the door outside a restaurant waiting hopefully.

She knows her schedule—at any moment, a kindhearted Subway staff would put on gloves and make her meal, for free—and she has not missed one night for the whole year. That is why they call her, “Subway Sally.”

Subway staff, also a TikTok user with username Kxnuko, posted a video of adorable Sally and her routine that racked up millions of views and counting.

Though Subway is her favorite restaurant chain, she doesn’t mind trying other ones. “If we’re too late to give her food, she’ll go across the street to Taco Bell,” Kxnuko says in the video.

Photo Credit: Wydsimp (Twitter)

But some people in the comment section are doubtful about Sally being a stray because she looks too clean for that, and that she must have a home and an owner and only sneaks out to get free snacks. Kxnuko answered all that in a video saying Sally is being taken cared for by the community and she occasionally gets some grooming by a woman from the nearby flower shop.

With all the care she’s getting, still, life on the streets of Portales, New Mexico was never easy for Sally. She even had four litters says Kxnuko since he started working at Subway. But even Kxnuko, he can’t take Sally home because he himself already have five cats.

Rescues have already been done but Sally seems to like the streets better. She always finds a way to go to her favorite restaurant.

“Multiple people have tried taking her but she never wants to go,” Kxnuko commented on one of his videos. “I suspect she has a regular place to sleep and possibly care for her puppies.”

There are a lot of stray dogs in his town that need help, not only Sally, Kxnuko said. But they, at Subway, will continue to feed Sally and care for her. “[She] is part of the community,” he said.


Source: The Dodo