Stubborn Cat Seen Sneaking to Snuggle with the New Baby He Pretends Not to Like

  • Sunny the cat made everybody knows that he was not a fan of the new baby girl that is now in his home.
  • His owners thought he will never warm up to their baby.
  • Sunny seems to show no more trouble in displaying his affection towards Hazel now that his secret is out.

Sunny has spent almost half of his life in a rescue shelter. But he finally found his forever home.

“We got him from a shelter five years ago, at the age of 8,” Shannon Richardson, Sunny’s mom, told The Dodo. “He spent six years of his life looking for a new home and as soon as we met him, we had to adopt him!”

His parents had brought with them a new human little sister — Hazel. Sunny was not pleased. Especially since he was already completely happy with his life and routine.

 “When we first brought Hazel home, he did not care for her much,” Shannon said. “We put the infant carrier down and he sniffed her, then walked away and went and ate his dinner.”

Sunny made it clear that he did not like the baby and had gone on for months with this charade making his parents wonder if he would ever warm up to his new sister.

This was until one night when they happened to glance at the baby monitor and were shocked by what they saw.

Photo by Shannon Richardson

Sunny snuck into the bedroom after Hazel was tucked in bed. He sprung into her crib that night, curled up next to her before falling into sleep.

“This was his first nap with her,” Shannon said. “I was super surprised to see him in the crib. There is not an easy way up without jumping pretty far and he doesn’t really like jumping. He stayed there for four hours before my husband realized he didn’t sneak back into bed with us!”

As it turns out for Hazel, Sunny had just not been ready to show his soft spot for her.

Sunny seems to show no more trouble in displaying to the world his affection towards Hazel now that his secret is out.

The cat likes to snuggle with her whenever an opportunity presents itself, and should the baby cry, he follows her around, seemingly in attempts to make sure that she’s okay.

“He actually jumped in her crib this morning when she was crying and nuzzled against her,” Shannon said. “She has not exactly gotten the hang of petting, so she grabbed him and he just stayed there. He is such a good boy.”

Photo by Shannon Richardson

Sunny and Hazel are now on the road to becoming the best of friends after the seemingly bumpy start of their relationship, and there is no question that the cat will stay by her for many naps to come.

Source: The Dodo

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That is adorable that he accept his human sister.