Teenager who had massive stroke at 5-months-old walks across stage at graduation

  • After Madison Scott suffered a massive stroke as a 5-month-old baby, she lost the ability to walk.
  • Now a high school senior, all Madison wanted was to be able to walk on her own across the stage at her graduation ceremony.
  • Madison defied all odds and stunned everyone on graduation day — she made it all the way across the stage using only her crutches.

High school senior Madison Scott only has one wish: to be able to walk on her own across the stage at her graduation ceremony.

Now, most people would find that a simple thing, but the people who knew about her disability would think it was impossible for her.

You see, 19 years ago, Madison suffered a massive stroke when she was just 5 months old.

Her parents, Jill and Stuart Scott, were worried for their baby girl’s future.

Madison suffered brain damage that could never be fully repaired. She had to be fed with a feeding tube and lost the ability to walk.

But Madison defied the odds for most of her life.

She was determined to learn everyday skills that most kids easily develop. She eventually started eating without a feeding tube. She learned how to tie her shoes. And instead of always relying on her wheelchair, she regularly practiced taking a few steps at a time.

She also focused on her studies and excelled in school. She was now set to graduate with a perfect GPA! She passed every college application with flying colors.

Madison prepared herself for graduation day. For several weeks, she practiced walking using only her crutches. She wanted to proudly walk across the stage just like her classmates.

And come graduation day, Madison surprised everyone!

Assisted only by her crutches, Madison was able to walk all the way across the stage. She received a standing ovation from her classmates and her proud parents cried tears of joy.

Madison was equally overwhelmed. She had accomplished what doctors thought to be impossible!

Madison’s plans for the future is to make a positive difference in the world. And we have no doubt about that!

Her determination will absolutely bring forth great things into this world.


You can watch Madison’s touching story in the video below. Make sure to share it and inspire others!


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