Texas Woman Changes Homeless Man’s Life, They Join Forces After Two Years to Help Someone Else


A Texas mom, who regularly saw a homeless man standing on a local street corner, decided to change his life.

They have developed a friendship that is still going strong to this day. And they are using their story to help someone else in need.

Photo Credit: Ginger Jones Sprouse

In 2017, Victor Hubbard made national headlines after Ginger Jones Sprouse of Clear Lake, Texas invited him to live with her and her family.

Victor had been homeless ever since her mother left him at the same street corner he’d been standing for several years. He is 38 years old and with mental illness.  Victor never left the street corner waiting for his mother to return.

It’s not clear what happened to his mother or if he was left there intentionally but what was clear to Victor was that he should not leave the spot where his mother left him in case she returns.

Photo Credit: KHOU 11(Youtube)

Ginger drove past the street corner several times a day and felt heartbroken by the man’s situation. She befriended Victor and eventually invited him to live with her.

Fast forward to the present, Victor now has a job and a home of his own. He lives right next door to Ginger’s. They developed a strong bond that they don’t plan on leaving each others’ side any time soon.

“We’re going to always be together unless he chooses to go some place else,” Ginger told KHOU, a CBS-affiliated television station in Houston.

Ginger recently published a book titled, “Kinda Like Grace.” Its subtitle — A Homeless Man, a Broken Woman, and the Decision That Made Them Family — clearly states that the book is about their story.

Now, they are using their good fortune to pay it forward by using all of the proceeds generated from book sales to buy a house for someone who may need a little kindness and a roof over their head.

(WATCH the emotional video below) – Photo by Ginger Jones Sprouse

Source: Good News Network


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