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Watch these happy dogs’ excitement to see their owners after daycare [Video]



  • When dogs are happy, they’ll let you know.
  • The dogs featured here can’t hide their excitement when they see their owners collecting them from daycare.
  • That only means one thing, they love their humans to the moon and back.

1. This dog excitedly peeks to see who’s collecting her that day.

2. This sweet dog can’t wait to get through that door and into his owner’s arms.

3. This dog has to jump up and down when his owner picks him up.

4. This dachshund is so happy he can’s stop wiggling his tail.

5. That face! So much love for his mom.

6. This rescue dog obviously loves his new dad.

7.  “Mom, where have you been? I miss you so much!”

8. When dog and owner wait for this moment.

Source: Inspire More