When 3-Year-Old Boy Lost His Toy Along The Highway, State Trooper Went Beyond His Duty To Find It For Him [Video]

  • Leah Sharkey and her son Camden was driving along Ohio Turnpike when he lost his plush toy.
  • Camden was screaming and crying when state trooper Alex Schlottag came to the rescue.
  • Alex found the little boy’s beloved toy and instantly became Camden’s hero as he is to other people he has helped.

Children get attached to their toys very much and every parent knows how upsetting it is for their kids when they lose them.

 When Leah Sharkey and her 3-year-old son, Camden, were driving on their way home from Michigan, he lost his beloved “booboo.” Camden was holding his stuffed toy outside the window when it slipped his hand on the Ohio Turnpike.

“Mommy my booboo!” Camden was screaming and as Leah checked the backseat, it was not there.

Not having many options what to do, she tried calming her son, going backward in the side lane, hoping she would find his toy. That’s when Alex Schlottag, an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper, came and asked them what’s the matter.

Leah explained what happened and the officer took over the search of the plush toy and let her go on driving. He will contact her in the number she’s given if he ever finds anything. After only 30 minutes, Leah got a call from Schlottag. They met up in a place Schlottag gave and not long, Camden was with his toy again. 

Leah made a thank-you post on Facebook for the kind officer.

Photo Credit: Leah Sharkey

“Thank you so much to officer Alex Schlottag of the Ohio State Patrol,” she said. “You have no idea how much it meant to him and I both, we will never forget this.”

As it turns out, this was not the first time the trooper was recognized for going beyond his duties. Back in September, Schlottag helped keep Pamela Musarra and three other women safe after their tire blew out while on the road. In December, he was named the Highway Patrol Milan Post’s trooper of the year.

The trooper’s commitment to his job regardless of the situation makes him Ohio State Highway Patrol’s invaluable member—and a hero to a lot of people he’s helped!


Source: Inspire More