Friend Looking For Special Dress For Girl With Autism Finds Help From The Internet

For people who live with autism, familiarity, helps them cope with their everyday struggles, especially when it comes to routines, rules, and possessions.

When routines change or favorite items go missing, things can get stressful. Deborah Price knows this that’s why she turned to the internet for help.

Deborah’s friend, Kate Bell has a daughter named Elsie who has autism. Elsie is very attached to one special dress that she has outgrown as she gets older.

Photo Credit: Deborah Price(Twitter)

Deborah knows how much the little girl loves the dress so she took it upon herself to find an exact replacement before that happens. However, there is a big problem, the dress is no longer available in the market.

Her next step is to ask the Twitter world if anyone had the dress in Elsie’s size and if they’d be willing to sell it.

“Friend’s autistic daughter only wears this dress,” Deborah wrote. “Don’t judge. Sometimes people can’t cope with certain stuff & it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things does it.”

Shortly after, Deborah was overwhelmed by the outpour of support from people she doesn’t even know but wants to help. Friends and family of other autistic people, as well as those on the spectrum themselves, also reached out.

One Twitter user offered to re-create the dress, while others were able to find two of them on eBay — though neither were the right size.

Even Next Official, the company that makes the dress, jumped into the conversation and offered to contact their supplier despite dropping the dress from their line. Deborah and Kate were touched by the willingness of other people to help a little girl.

Then, a girl named Mila found the dress in her own closet. It was a perfect size. Another good news is that another woman is sending her daughter’s dress as well and it’s a bigger size. Elsie can wear it when she grows bigger.

“Absolutely bowled over by the kindness of strangers,” Deborah wrote in an updated tweet. “Massive thanks to each and every one of you from me and [Kate] and huge thanks to the two girls who have chosen to send their dresses. You’re amazing and your mums are pretty amazing too for raising such lovely daughters but mostly you’re great because you’ve made a little girl really happy to continue to be in her favourite dress.”
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