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100 Dogs Came By To Wish Little Kid Happy Birthday After Mom Posted His Birthday Wish On Social Media



  • Theo has spina bifida — a condition that affects the way he walks — and all he wanted was to meet many dogs on his birthday.
  • So his mom posted on social media asking if their neighbors wouldn’t mind to come by and bring their pets to wish Theo a happy birthday.
  • They were blown away when more than 100 dogs came to say hello to the little guy.

This time of pandemic has got parents thinking of creative ways to celebrate special moments and milestones in their kids’ lives.

When Melody Joy Rensberger’s son Theo was about to celebrate his 7th birthday, she thought of somehow making his son’s wish come true with the help of the community. Theo has spina bifida and loves dogs so much. It was his wish to meet as many dogs as possible in different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Photo Credit: Melody Joy Rensberger

So Melody took it to social media and posted her plea to have neighbors bring their pups and pass by their Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, home and wish the little one a happy birthday on July 1.

She wasn’t expecting much. Maybe about 15 or 20 dogs would do so Theo could give them treats from a distance.

Photo Credit: Melody Joy Rensberger

But when the special day arrived, and behold! More than 100 dogs came by to wish him the merriest birthday ever!

“These dogs did tricks for Theo (double high fives! Rolling over! Jumping for treats! Nose boops!) and brought him presents,” Melody posted on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Melody Joy Rensberger

“Theo got to ask each dog questions, ‘What is its name, how old is he, where did you get him, how do you call him, did you save him?’ and got to tell everyone how excited he would be when we got to move into a ‘pet policy house’ (as opposed to the ‘no pet policy house’ we currently live in).”

What’s more surprising was that the visitors came all the way from far places and drove 45 minutes to celebrate Theo’s special day.

Photo Credit: Melody Joy Rensberger

“They borrowed their neighbor’s dogs, met up with friends with dogs. People changed their work schedule so they could stop by. Delayed their kids’ naps. Those who didn’t have dogs brought a stuffed animal Pound Puppy for Theo to ‘adopt’ and others brought pup treats. People dressed up their dogs in party hats. People made birthday signs for Theo. Kids drew pictures. Strangers brought Theo PRESENTS.”

They were all blown away and Theo was very happy!

Photo Credit: Melody Joy Rensberger

Among his favorite pets was Pinky, a tiny Chihuahua who also has spina bifida! He was very interested and asked many questions.

All of the guests brought their family so much joy and they felt love and supported by their community.

“I am so grateful for the privilege of being surrounded by strangers who jump at the chance to care for my son,” Melody said.

Source: Inspire More