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Adorable Puppy Steals Hearts After a Tiring Swim [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • An endearing video captures Ruby, an Australian shepherd puppy, valiantly trying but failing to stay awake after a swimming session, delighting TikTok viewers.
  • While swimming worked for Ruby, Niki French, a London-based dog trainer, offers varied activities to ensure dogs get adequate exercise irrespective of the weather.
  • The viral video, apart from gaining views, also sparked engaging conversations among pet owners, sharing their personal anecdotes and appreciation for such relatable pet moments.

Every pet owner knows the blissful quietude following a day of fun and activity with their furry friend.

Ruby, a captivating Australian shepherd puppy with striking blue eyes, recently epitomized this post-play exhaustion.

In a heartwarming video, she’s seen trying her best to stay awake, yet eventually succumbing to sleep’s sweet embrace after a fulfilling swimming session.

The delightful clip, shared on TikTok by @dinksandthedogs, showcases Ruby’s endearing struggle against fatigue in the car ride home.

Aptly captioned “When the swim sleeps hit on the car ride home,” the video has captivated viewers, garnering a whopping 663,600 views and over 94,000 likes.


While swimming may have been the activity of choice for Ruby, not all dogs share the same preference.

Recognizing this, Newsweek consulted London-based dog trainer, Niki French, owner of Pup Talk, for alternative ways to engage and tire out our canine companions.

From simple scent games and tug-of-war to the calming effects of licking mats and safe chewables, French provided a comprehensive list to ensure pets get their needed exercise, regardless of weather conditions.

TikTok users resonated deeply with Ruby’s post-swim lethargy.

One top comment, amassing 1,550 likes, humorously mentioned how pets revive after napping during the ride home, raring to play once their owners are ready to rest.

The platform was also flooded with comments appreciating Ruby’s determined battle against drowsiness, emphasizing the universal charm of such candid canine moments.


For all dog owners and lovers out there, Ruby’s story isn’t just a testament to the boundless energy of puppies, but also a delightful reminder of the serene moments that often follow.