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Library Love Story: Abandoned Dogs Find Forever Home Together [Video]



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  • Two abandoned dogs were found at a library in Greenwood County, South Carolina. They formed a strong bond and were adopted together by a local police officer.
  • Initially separated due to vaccination safety concerns, they were reunited after receiving all necessary shots.
  • Keeping bonded dogs together is important for their wellbeing, as separation can cause deep stress and anxiety.

When two abandoned dogs were found tied up at a library in Greenwood County, South Carolina, their rescue story melted the hearts of millions.

The older dog was tethered to a concrete post with nothing but an ant-filled bone.

However, the younger pup stayed by his side willingly, both seeking comfort in each other’s presence.

Samantha Brooks, the Director of Operations at the Humane Society of Greenwood, shared their story.

“Both dogs were given proper vaccinations and medically evaluated to assess their medical situation… They were a little dehydrated, so they were given fluids… They were then placed in their kennels, given food, water, toys, and a comfy bed.”


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The dogs’ immediate bond was clear, a phenomenon Paula Stewart, Director of the Animal Talent Agency, confirmed was quite common.


“Dogs are emotionally intelligent and can form strong bonds with other dogs, just like humans form strong bonds with friends or relatives.”

However, the dogs were initially separated at the shelter due to vaccination protocols.

“The dogs are different ages. It is unsafe for a puppy under 6 months old that has not received two DAPP vaccines. We had to assume that both dogs have never been vaccinated,” Brooks explained.

But after a fortnight of separate care and getting their shots, their reunion was caught on camera.

The viral video caught the pit bull mix darting towards his younger companion, wag tailing and all.

Now comes the part of the story that will get your tail wagging: the happy ending.


“Both dogs are thriving—happy, healthy, loved. They were adopted together by a local police officer,” Brooks joyfully shared. “The family came to our shelter to meet them, and just fell in love.”

Paula Stewart emphasized the importance of keeping bonded dogs together.

“Destructive behavior, refusal to eat, pacing, and lethargy are all signs of deep stress and anxiety and are common behaviors seen when a bonded pair is separated.”

“The staff showed them all the love and attention they could,” Brooks said of the pair’s time at the Humane Society.

This feel-good story of canine camaraderie and human kindness is sure to brighten your day, reminding us all of the powerful bonds that can form in the face of adversity.