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Adorable Pup Captivates Many With His Quirky and Clingy Personality



Quick Smiles:

  • Emma Fagerberg’s Yorkshire terrier, Lilo, has captivated audiences with her quirky personality traits.
  • Lilo, described as a “stalker, boyfriend thief, travel buddy, and colleague,” has gained internet fame on TikTok.
  • Despite Lilo’s clingy behavior, Fagerberg adores her dog and delights in their shared adventures.

She is everything in one little body 🥹😂 #fyp #foryou #yorkielilo #yorkie

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Dog owners often use varied expressions to describe their canine companions. Emma Fagerberg, a dedicated pet parent, has garnered internet attention through her whimsical portrayals of her Yorkshire terrier, Lilo.

Lilo was adopted in December 2020 with the expectation of providing Fagerberg with entertainment. However, the dog’s reality proved much more colorful than expected. In a culturally viral TikTok video, Fagerberg humorously described Lilo as “a stalker, a boyfriend thief, a travel buddy, a colleague,” and certainly, a renowned spotlight grabber.

That ever-present shadow following Emma? That’s Lilo. This cherished companionship is something that the 30-year-old woman values greatly.

When Lilo’s charming video, spotlighting her quirky habits, went live in March, it attracted millions of viewers. Amassing over 3.5 million views and more than 274,000 likes on TikTok, Fagerberg amusingly captioned, “she is everything in one little body.”


Fagerberg, originally from Sweden, shared, “She has always followed me everywhere, since day one really. Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, or anywhere else.”

She added, “My favorite things about her are that she’s so cuddly, loves to be close to me at all times, and even sometimes sleeps on me. She’s really easy to take with me wherever I go, so I never travel without her. She goes absolutely everywhere with us, from restaurants, shopping, the hairdresser, and the nail salon.”

This “clinginess” in dogs, often referred to as the “Velcro dog syndrome,” is suggested by canine experts to be rooted in their pack mentality. They typically follow their primary caregivers who provide food, walks, attention, and most importantly, treats.

Though Fagerberg jokingly calls Lilo her “stalker,” her affection for this lifelong companion is unequivocal. “There is nowhere she won’t follow me to,” she said. “But I love that she’s my forever soulmate and the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Fagerberg believes the popularity of Lilo’s viral clip is because many viewers see echoes of Lilo’s amusingly endearing behavior in their own dogs. The highly popular post has already amassed over 2,300 comments, with one viewer stating, “that’s not a dog, that’s a baby.”

Another viewer shared, “I also have a Velcro pup. They are awesome!” A third person commented, “Stage 4 clingers but so worth it.”



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1 Comment

  1. Ephraim Ponce

    May 4, 2024 at 7:39 am

    What an adorable little fluff! She looks so sweet!

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