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Heroic Barbers Rescue Toddler Running Toward Busy Traffic



Quick Smiles:

  • Two vigilant barbers, Osvaldo Lugo and Rafael Santana, dashed out of their shop to save a little girl who was headed for a busy road.
  • The barbers, who are both fathers, acted out of instinct and care for their community when they saw the child in danger.
  • The local authorities, including East Hartford Mayor Connor Martin and the police department, recognized the barbers as everyday heroes for their life-saving action.

Osvaldo Lugo and Rafael Santana, two ordinary men working at a barbershop, became heroes when they saw a little girl running into traffic. Being fathers themselves, their protective instincts kicked in immediately.

The event was captured on surveillance video shared on Lugo’s Instagram account. It showed both men abandoning their tasks to chase after the young girl sprinting towards the road.

Santana, who was cutting hair at the time, noticed a pink flash passing the shop window. He said, “I said, ‘Yo, there’s a little girl by herself.’ At the shop, we joke around all day to make the hours go by, so I’m glad (my co-workers) believed me.”

As a father of four, Santana revealed that he remains especially alert in public places as, “I have to keep my eyes on my kids.”

Both men wasted no time and went after the toddler who was heading towards the bustling intersection. Lugo’s video shows him catching the girl just before she reached the crosswalk.

Lugo, a father of three, revealed that quite simply, he had one thought, “You better get her on time.” As the owner of the shop and building, he stated, “[As the shop and building owner], I have a responsibility to this corner of the street, When I grabbed her, she was yelling for her mom. I looked around and saw her mother at a bus stop … around the corner.”


Lugo returned the little girl to her grateful but bewildered mother. Afterward, Lugo and Santana returned to the waiting customers at the barbershop.

East Hartford Mayor Connor Martin praised their swift intervention, preventing a potential disaster. He awarded Santana and Lugo with hero certificates.

The local police department similarly acknowledged the two men in a Facebook post. “Heroic Barbers to the Rescue! Today, we want to give a massive shoutout to the quick-thinking and brave duo, Osvaldo Lugo and Rafael Santana of LookSharp Barbershop. Their swift action saved a little toddler who had escaped from his mother and started moving towards traffic on Main Street. Thanks to them, a potential tragedy was averted, and a family remains whole. We’re incredibly grateful for these everyday heroes among us!”

Santana doesn’t think of them as heroes, just fathers who were at the right place at the right time. He stated, “We did this out of love and we’d do it a million times again. We protect and serve our community at all costs.” His sentiment beautifully underscores their selfless act, highlighting a powerful dose of cheer and positivity.




  1. ssilv48

    May 7, 2024 at 10:11 pm

    God Bless both of you, your both awesome for paying attention

  2. Eliot Schickler

    May 12, 2024 at 12:10 am

    The barbers are heroes for saving this girl’s life! Her mom needs to keep a better eye on her in the future!

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