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Dog Welcomes Home Owner with Unexpected Display Of Excitement



Quick Smiles:

  • A lively dog celebrated its owner’s return with an unexpected display of excitement.
  • TikTok user @zoeheaney posted a video of the amusing incident, emphasizing why dogs can sometimes be overly zealous.
  • The amusing video has garnered over 115,000 views, proving that the dog’s energetic antics caught the attention of many.

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Like energetic children on a carefree day, dogs can also occasionally delve into mischief, particularly when they sense they are being watched by their owner. One dog owner, known as @zoeheaney on TikTok, found this experience both funny and frustrating.

On returning home, @zoeheaney noticed her dogs enthusiastically waiting for her at the window. With their noses against the glass, the dogs exhibited their excitement in the most endearing way imaginable. Seeing this as a perfect chance to capture a cute moment, she started recording the scene from her car.

However, as one particular dog took center stage, the scene quickly morphed from cute to chaotic. The dog, in a unique and somewhat defiant expression of excitement, began to urinate inside the house.

As she overlaid text to the video expressing her astonishment, she humorously wrote, “My dog basically said, ‘Capture this on camera!’”


She called out her dog’s name, perhaps in the hope that the sound would penetrate the closed window and halt the impish act. Yet, the dog casually sauntered away, leaving the owner with a mix of amusement and annoyance.

@zoeheaney described her feelings as “raging” in the comments she shared.

This unusual incident has certainly caught the attention of many online. The video has been viewed over 115,100 times, received 1,928 likes, and received 57 comments.

One TikTok user observed the dog’s determined focus during its naughty act, “Never lost eye contact.” Another user humorously suggested the dog was making a personal statement.

Another viewer attempted to psychoanalyze the dog’s motivations, commenting, “He’s like, ‘Mom, I need to pee. You going to just sit there and watch? Well, watch this.’”

Coming home to such unexpected surprises can be daunting for pet owners, who may face the task of cleanup with a sense of frustration. Understanding the reasons behind such behavior, however, is crucial.


Incomplete house training, certain medical or behavioral conditions, or intentional marking behavior are prime causes of pets soiling indoors, according to a reputable animal care website. A consultation with a vet can help identify and address the underlying issues.

Interestingly, dogs may also urinate when excited or as a sign of submissive behavior when meeting new people. Although disconcerting, these are involuntary responses, not deliberate acts.


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