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WATCH: A German Shepherd’s Surprising Parenting Instinct for Lost Ducklings!



Quick Smiles:

  • A German Shepherd named Ben in Motueka, New Zealand has adopted and become the protective guardian of a group of orphaned ducklings.
  • After being found abandoned, the ducklings were taken in by Julie McGuire, who noticed Ben’s immediate curiosity and protective instinct towards them, even guarding them from the household cat.
  • As the ducklings grow and roam freely, Julie is content if they decide to leave, but Ben’s attachment suggests he might feel differently.

In a delightful twist of nature, a German Shepherd named Ben has wholeheartedly adopted a group of orphaned ducklings, displaying a level of care that will melt your heart.

While dogs and ducks are not typically thought of as the best of friends, Ben has a history of forming an unlikely bond with our feathered friends.

Before the ducklings came into his life, he had formed a close connection with a grown duck, which sadly left him. Perhaps this previous relationship made him more attuned to these little ones’ needs.

Today, Ben and his adorable charges are inseparable. Their day revolves around shared moments – be it nap time, meals, playtime, or even their charming bath sessions.

To say Ben is protective of his newfound family would be an understatement. His alertness levels peak whenever the household cat tries to venture too close, defending his tiny family with a bark or two.

This beautiful story unfolds in Motueka, New Zealand, where Julie McGuire resides. The story of the ducklings began when they were found, alone and parentless, by orchard workers. Despite the workers’ patience, the mother duck was nowhere in sight even after hours of waiting.

Being the compassionate soul she is, Julie took the ducklings in, offering them a temporary sanctuary until they were ready to face the world on their own. Little did she know that her dog Ben would be equally invested.


Julie shares, “From the moment Ben laid eyes on them, he was intrigued. There was this undeniable sense of curiosity about what was happening in the room, especially when the ducklings were being cared for. He’s been their guardian angel, ensuring even our cat maintains a respectful distance.”

Julie believes in letting creatures live their life to the fullest. As the ducklings grow, they have the freedom to explore her property and even take to the skies if they choose.

“Should they decide to embark on their own journey and fly away, I’ll be content knowing they had a good start,” she mentions.

However, one can’t help but wonder if Ben shares the same sentiment. Having watched their bond grow, it’s hard to picture him not missing his little family.

For those wishing to witness this touching bond firsthand, there’s a delightful video capturing their moments together.


Don’t miss out on the heartwarming interactions between Ben and his fluffy flock!